I decided to write this blog post to show you how you can use 3D Photos, 3D Posts and AR Effects using Facebook.  Some of these features like 3D posts have been around for about a year. I’m going to use shes as an example of a product that could be promoted using these tools.

How to use 3D posts to showcase a product on Facebook

To be able to use this feature you will need a 3D asset or a 3D version of your product. 3D objects can be created by using photogrammetry, a 3D scanner or a 3D artist can create one for you. If you are already thinking, oh that’s going to be expensive, please bear with me. 

Once you have a 3D version of your product you can literally drag and drop it on to Facebook and post the same way you’d do with a regular photo. If you want to add things like text and other elements you can do so by using software like Blender.

Facebook gives you certain options like changing the background but nothing else. If you look at the example here, I have created a 3D post for a “shoe brand” people are able to look around and see all angles of the shoe. On the mobile version, you can even zoom in.

How to use 3D photos on Facebook.

This is a relatively new feature on Facebook, just opened to the public in October of 2018. 3D photos are different than 3D posts. In this case, we used a regular photo taken with a regular camera. We processed it and created a depth map and uploaded it using an iPhone X.

3D photos can be created in 2 ways, taking the photo directly with an iPhone 7+, 8+, X and XS. Or processing an image already taken with a camera and upload it using an iPhone 7+, 8+, X and XS.

This feature is excellent for creating movie posters and giving an old photo new life because the way they seem to pop out of the screen using 3D photos is a sure way of differentiating yourself from the competition. 

Just like 3D posts, you cant boost 3D photos yet, and this feature is not available in certain countries.




How to use Facebook AR Effects for Marketing

Facebook AR Effects are easy to create and more affordable than you think. AR effects like these used to cost millions, now they start in the hundreds.

Augmented Reality uses 3D or 2D elements and superimposes them into the real world through the use of a screen in real time.

One advantage of Facebook AR effects over other AR tools is that other AR tools require people to download their app. However, most likely your customers already have Facebook on their phones. 

Developing a custom made AR app is another option, but that can be expensive and not accessible for every company. Facebook AR effects can be created rapidly and for a lower cost.

There are many ways AR effects can be used, for this case I created a quick sample of an AR effect that allows you to try shoes before you buy them.


If you would like to know more about how to use AR, VR or 3D to promote your products and services, feel free to contact me. If you are an agency and need some AR effects or 3D assets created for your client, I can help with that too.