3D Posts on Facebook is a feature that has been available since October 2017. You can now share 3D objects directly on your news feed, allowing you to manipulate that object, rotate it and see it from every angle. Companies like Sony, Lego, and Wayfair where amongst the first ones to use this new feature. So you are perhaps wondering how does it work? How can I create one? In this blog post, ill guide you through the process I follow to create 3D Posts.

The first step is to generate or create the 3D asset, these can be made from scratch using 3D creation tools like Blender or be purchased online from places like turbosquid.com, there are certain specifications your file must comply with. For example, the object has to be in the right format. Facebook supports industry-standard glTF 2.0 file format for Facebook 3D posts. This means artists and creators can easily share even richer, higher-quality 3D content on Facebook from an even greater variety of sources.

If your file is saved as a .fbx, .dae or .obj you can use the file converter provided by Facebook (click here). Make sure the file is under 3MB. If you have any questions or doubts if your file is shareable on Facebook you can use their validation tool.

Once your 3D File is ready, simply drag and drop the file into the box at the top of your Page’s timeline. It’s just like posting a photo or a video, except that your file is a 3D file instead of a .jpg.

There are a few adjustments you can make like changing the background or position of the 3D object, the example below shows white 3D text so we changed the background to yellow directly on Facebook. The background selection is limited to preset backgrounds but they do offer some variety.



How can 3D posts be used for Marketing?

There are lots of possibilities for using these 3D posts to create unique content, these 3D posts are perfect for companies who have products to display. For example jewelry, cars, furniture, clothing, and more. If you would like to get started and need help with 3D content for social media or would like to know more about Facebook 3D posts feel free to contact me.