Facebook released this new feature in October of 2018! a year after the 3D posts. You may have seen some of them around already and are wondering how to post a 3D photo!
First of all, you need to know that you can see these photos on your PC, an android phone or an older iPhone. However, the option to take these photos is only open to iPhone 7+ and newer models with a dual camera such as the iPhone 8+, iPhone X and XS. If you happen to have any of those devices, you can follow these steps:

1.  Start by creating a new post on Facebook.

2. Tap the icon with three dots to see all post options.

3. Tap “3D Photo” to open the iPhone portrait folder.

4. Choose the photo you would like to share and preview in 3D.

5. Add a caption,  hit “Share” and see your photo come to life in your  News Feed and VR.

If you would like to transform a 3D photo that wasn’t originally shot with a dual camera phone, you can do it by manually creating a depth map using photoshop or similar tools, downloading the app DepthCam from the app store and using it to create a Facebook 3D photo.

For Android owners with cell phones that have dual cameras, I have bad news for you. So far it’s not possible to use your devices yet to create 3D Posts. Facebook has not mentioned a date when this feature will be available for Android owners.

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