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Instagram Filter Creator, Digital Marketing professional, Mom.

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About Me

Hello, I’m Brenda. I’ve Been working with Digital Marketing for 10 years.

Honorary Canadian but born and raised in northeast Mexico, where I attended Universidad Autonoma del Noreste and graduated with an International Marketing Bachelors degree, my passion for learning and technology keep me wanting to constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of Marketing.

Throughout my career, I have held many roles which allowed me to acquire a wide variety of marketing skills, from market research to international sales. My true passion, however, is digital marketing, and as technology evolves, I believe digital will expand into the virtual realm through virtual and augmented reality. Most of my recent work focuses on those technologies, I have been recently selected by Instagram to be part of the first group of Instagram Filter Creators, I’ve joined a select group of 300 creators around the world to test their Augmented Reality platform Spark AR.

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  • International Marketing
  • SEO / SEM
  • Social Media

My Vision

I’m a strong believer in the phrase content is king, which I learned and believe in since my early days of learning SEO. Sure, there is a king, but there isn’t just one kingdom. The way content is delivered is constantly changes. My first encounter with 360 video years ago sparked my passion for immersive media, virtual reality and augmented reality. Years people didn’t believe in SEO, SEM or social media were necessary, they weren’t even part of a marketing strategy and now they are essential. The way I see it,  XR will become essential in the future, any business or marketer who is not already preparing for having a strong AR/VR strategy will find themselves catching up to their competitors. 

I believe in a future where XR becomes a strong part of the Marketing strategy.

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