My name is Brenda and I am a

Developer, marketer, and creator.


Over 10 years of experience.


Born and raised in northeast Mexico, where I attended Universidad Autonoma del Noreste and graduated with an International Marketing Bachelors degree. Throughout my career, I have worked with local and international companies, where I gained experience in different areas, from market research to search engine optimization.

Committed to innovation, committed to your success.


My passion for technology has taken me on a path to expanding my tech skills. It started slowly simply with the curiosity of wanting to help my clients, so getting certified as a front-end developer.  As I got mot immersed in development and creation, I decided to explore other emerging fields such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Web3.  

Technology is always changing but what has never changed since the beginning is my commitment to your success


Whether you need help with a website, or content for social media, or you are ready to start using the latest in marketing such as Instagram filters, and augmented reality ads, or want to create a store in the Metaverse, I’m here to help. Take a look at all the services I offer: